About Us


The Company has built community around its vision comprised of talented individuals and companies. Our community has deep domain expertise in:

Mortgage Technology -designed and built several origination, servicing and underwriting systems

CRE Loan Expertise- loan review, asset securitization, REIT, Loan Workout, secondary market sales and development

Fin Tech- marketplace lending and fin tech business models)
Start ups -moving from concept to teambuilding and product launch and liquidity events

  • We believethat by using technology and scalable workflows, we can clean up loan files from the disorganized files shared in Share Drives and in Excels.
  • We believethat once we Assemble Trusted Assets from these files, we can create significant benefits for asset owners, buyers, the professionals who manage these assets and society at large.
  • We believethat transparent and trustworthy assets will have greater liquidity which can help them trade in tough times.
  • We look forwardto helping you Assemble Trusted Assets and for you and your firm to enjoy the benefits.

See What Others Say About Us

Accelerate Deals- “After completing over $10 Billion in deals, I know  diligence in complex portfolio deals. VeriComply is a game changer in accelerating deals”

Fin Tech Innovation- “As a successful fin tech entrepreneur, I know breakthrough ideas when I see one. VeriComply is one of the best innovative solutions for managing complex loan files I have seen.”

Reduce Compliance Risk- “After reviewing thousands of loan files in over 150 banks, I have spent countless hours using antiquated review tools. The VeriCompliance Process cleans up the file so I can reduce compliance risk.”