asset verification

VeriComply Provides Automated Asset Verification Services

The Asset Verification Services validates the accuracy of loan documents and loan data. The Verification process is up to 7x faster white pricing is on average 50-80% less than other traditional options. Our ease of use allows for immediate views of the verification status and exceptions, with a simple three-click drill down into a loan file and data.

VeriComply automated asset verification process provides the foundation for most scalable, cost-effective process in the market. We can act as the Sub-Verification Agent for your custodian, trustees, and diligence firm to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

VeriComply Process


Our system receives data and documents from multiple Marketplace Lending Platforms or other loan originators.


Our system runs the data and documents through the automated verification engine. Further QA can be performed, by VeriComply or our partners, on assets that do not satisfy the confidence threshold. Any exceptions identified in the review can be monitored and remediated.


We issue a verification report in the format required by warehouse lenders, ABS sponsors or whole loan buyers. These reports can be delivered in a variety of ways and can even be integrated within the documents themselves for use to accelerate diligence in downstream transactions.