Blockchain Series: How would a Secondary Market Asset System Work in Practice?

  In the last post “How to  overcome these challenges to implement a Blockchain solution for Secondary Market Assets?”, we discussed the concept of a Secondary Market Asset System. This post discusses how to implement such as a “SMA System”. Here are the key steps in the process: Create the Smart Contract– the legal documents … Read more

Blockchain Series: How to overcome these challenges to implement a Blockchain solution for Secondary Market Assets?

    In the last blog post “What are the problems to implement Blockchain solutions for Secondary Market Assets?”, we discussed five problems to an effective Blockchain implementation. This post offers solutions for each of them. Problem #1 – Multiple Discounted Systems Solution: Bridge to Blockchain The promised benefit of migrating to the Blockchain is … Read more

Blockchain Series: What are the problems to implement Blockchain solutions for Secondary Market Assets?

People must remember that Blockchain is a technology that is a building block for a solution, rather than a turn key solution itself. The technology infrastructure, business services and legal documentation used today to manage Secondary Market Assets is wholly inadequate to migrate to a new Blockchain paradigm. For this industry wide transformation to Blockchain … Read more

Blockchain Series: What aspects of Blockchain are relevant to Secondary Markets Assets?

Discussions of Blockchain at conferences and cocktail parties range from the underlying technology to crypto-currency, Initial Coin Offerings (now being redefined as Token Revenue Events), to how the regulators will react to all of this. To keep these blogs on point, we will limit our discussions to the three elements of Blockchain most relevant to … Read more

Blockchain Series: Why Blockchain is a paradigm shift that matters?

Why Blockchain is a paradigm shift that matters? The internet has changed every aspect of our lives. However, it is the internet of information where copies of music, videos, and other content can be copied and distributed globally in seconds with little control. This paradigm does not work for Assets, which must be unique, controlled, … Read more

Are you ready for the impending Tsunami? How Blockchain will Transform the Secondary Markets for Financial Assets

What’s the Blockchain  Buzz about? As the media buzz continues to grow about Blockchain’s impact on the entire financial services industry, just about everyone is trying to figure why it matters and how it will affect them. As Blockchain’s impact will vary by industry vertical and use case, this series of blog posts will focus … Read more

VeriComply partners with Christiana Trust to provide Automated Verification and Document Support for Upstart Funding Grantor Trust 2017-1, Inc. announced that it had partnered with Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB d/b/a Christiana Trust (“Christiana Trust”) to implement the VeriCompliance process. Christiana Trust is acting as Document Custodian for UpStart Grantor Trust 2017-1 which contains a pool of approximately $163 million of unsecured consumer loans originated by, the first lending platform to … Read more

Digital Compliance in Marketplace Assets in the Secondary Market

Marketplace lending is transforming many aspects of the lending industry. The technology platforms on which these marketplaces operate affect both the origination and the secondary market into which these loans are sold and increasingly securitized. Intuitive webpages collect borrower data, algorithms automate underwriting, providing borrowers with lower rates, better user experience and faster closings. Investors … Read more

VeriComply Presentation and Value Proposition

VeriComply launched the VeriComply FileVault and VeriCompliance Process, the most comprehensive solution for managing portfolios of complex commercial real estate loan files.  The VeriCompliance Process starts with a sophisticated classification and extraction engine that recognizes documents, extracts key data fields, automatically files the documents in the correct folder, and watermarks each document with a unique … Read more

Document Management Systems: No Longer Enough for Managing Loan Files

A major contributing factor to the financial crisis of 2008 was the lack of transparency of trillions of dollars of loans. The lack of transparency made complex loans and asset backed securities illiquid, resulting in a downward spiral of prices as investors all tried to sell at once. In response, complex regulations have been imposed … Read more