diligence repository

VeriComply Diligence Repository Stores Copies of Validated Documents and Data for Compliance and Diligence.

Once a loan has been validated with either the Asset Assembly Solution or the Asset Verification Services, the loan data and documents can be automatically released into the VeriComply Diligence Repository. This Repository can be configured quickly with your file structure and data model, and loans can be instantly accessed.

  • Instantly access VeriComplied documents via multiple search methods
  • Unique document id and the loan id watermarked on each page or loan document for certainly
  • Access diligence performed during warehouse lending for later whole loans sales or securitizations, saving time and money
  • Diligence and audit history for entire lifecycle of the asset in one easily accessible location
  • Manage verified copies of loan files, confidently and quickly
  • Global search any word in any document