our protocols

The Company has developed detailed protocols, including the Verification Agent Implementation Protocols, to enable rapid deployment of multiple concurrent verification process flows. The process begins with gathering the requirements, that include copies of the loan documents, the data tape elements and a list of complete loan file. From this, we can develop the Client Specific Standard Operating Procedures for each workflow.

Set forth below is a table showing a typical process for implementing a VeriCompliance Process on the VeriComply System.



PILOT: The Company works with the Customer to perform a pilot where a sample of documents will be processed.


SOP CREATION AND APPROVAL: During the pilot, the Company will produce a draft SOP that will include the following information:

  1. File Transfer protocols
  2. Daily Summary Reports
  3. Exception Handling / Escalations
  4. Document Checklist
  5. Data Tape Example
  6. Verification Agent Certificate and Schedules templates
  7. Quality Plan
  8. File Distribution Protocols

Note: This procedure will be reviewed and approved by both the Company and the Customer.


OPERATIONAL QUALIFICATION (OQ): Once the procedure is approved, the configuration will be created in the Company’s QA environment and Operation Qualification (OQ) will be performed using a sample set from the Customer. The OQ is a test script that reflects the requirements in the SOP.


PRODUCTION QUALIFICATION (PQ): Once the OQ is complete, the configuration are moved to the Production environment and the PQ is performed (Simpler version of the OQ)

To ensure compliance, once the Production System is certified, any changes to the configuration would be performed under Change Control SOP-MGT-002.