Solutions Architecture

Our robust, secure solution can be delivered in multiple configurations to match your needs and IT governance policies.

  • On PremisesThe VeriComply FileVault is installed quickly in your environment and then we train your IT team to administer the system. In addition, we can deliver the VeriCompliance Process software on premises and create a virtual private network connection for consultants and BPO labor so none of your loan files ever leave your network.
  • In Azure CloudWe can replicate an instance of the VeriComply FileVault virtually on demand to create a completely separate instance for your use. New FileVaults can be set up for diligence review, loan sales, audits, regulatory reviews and other third party access.
  • HybridAs depicted in the image above, we have developed a comprehensive integrated architecture that enables firms a way to benefit from the Azure Cloud for external access while keeping their documents on premises.


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