VeriComply Diligence Repository

The Power of Document/Data/Workflow Management System with the ease of a touch screen App

Traditional enterprise software document management systems are complex and expensive to implement and maintain. So loan files are typically stored in Share Drives and reviewed and transferred with VDRs and Box and Dropbox. These generic solutions lack the functionality needed to manage the complex data and document files of a legally enforceable commercial real estate loan.

The VeriComply Digital Repository is specially designed repository to host your VeriComplied documents and data to retain your investment in cleaned up and compliant loan files.   Imagine a repository of intelligent assets that self-file, self-report and alert you when an issue arises. Imagine no longer. Check out the VeriComply Vault; seeing is believing. Here is the key functionality of the Repository:

The red icon lets you know that reliable documents are instantly accessible. The customizable filing map logically sorts documents into logical groupings for Loan, Loan Party, and Collateral, with multiple subfolders to meet your unique filing needs. Instantly access a “VeriComplied Document” with a watermark showing the document ID, the loan ID and the VeriComply logo so you can rely with confidence on the authenticity of each VeriComplied document.

Each commercial loan can have scores or even hundreds of attributes, such as LTV, DCSR, Liquidity Ratings, Credit Quality Ratings, interest rates, maturity dates, pre-payment penalties. This data can be stored in multiple places: Excels in the share drive, loan origination and loan servicing systems, consultants reports, and appraisals to name a few.

The Loan Data Management feature is color coded green and   links all relevant data back to the loan file so a single “VeriComplied” data tape can be instantly created. The user can define the index fields they want to review into groups and the system will automatically display the exact data they need for the Loan or Portfolio they are reviewing.

The FileVault has workspaces to enable all calculations, analysis and audit history for each loan. All the information gathered at the document and loan level and be displayed in pre-defined reports that automatically update once work is complete. Workspaces store work papers, notes, calculations and even training materials.


In our product road map is a feature to enable Consultants to work in the Workspace and then “publish” the results to the client after QC has been performed, ensuring that consultants can protect the privacy of their working papers but giving the client the benefit of the services “embedded” in the loan file.


You can rely with confidence on your Dashboard as it is populated with VeriComplied data, with the ability to drill down to the “source” of the data. The dashboard can be used to track your opportunity pipeline, deals in progress and assets. These groups can then be sorted by asset type, loan type, credit quality or other attributes so you can get a bird’s eye view of critical portfolio or loan issues before they become problems.