Asset Assembler

Automated Capture of Loan Documentation in Real Time from entire Community  

One of the biggest challenges with keeping commercial real estate loan files compliant is the need to constantly gather documents from multiple departments within the lender and from the borrower, guarantor and other parties. Untold hours are spent requesting documents, sorting through drafts to find the correct version and filing them.

We have figured out a new way to automate assembling these documents into trusted assets. Think of VeriComply as an “automated loan administrator” timely collecting documents from throughout internal networks and Box and Dropbox. Here is how it works:

Our Automated Asset Assembler is connected to your network and searches through desk tops, lap tops, email servers and share files to identify loan documents and pulling them into our VeriCompliance workflow in which they are classified and data extracted and then filed in the correct folder in the VeriComply FileVault.

By establishing dedicated emails and faxes, external parties can automatically submit their documents into pre-defined workflows to eliminate tedious routing of documents internally. These workflows can be configured to match your processes.

You can connect up the Automated Asset Assembler to your Box or Dropbox accounts to automatically sweep documents into any number of VeriComply workflows.

The Automated Asset Assembler can be used to keep the loan files of an internal VeriComply FileVault in sync with an externally hosted version in the Azure Cloud. This could be particularly useful when loans are syndicated or warehoused to automate keeping these external files current.


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